9″ Lord Shiva Head In Brass | Handmade |Book Your Crafts - Brass Lord Shiva Head/Unique Shiva Mukhalingam | Get a Brass Padlock with Antique Keys .Made in India

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Material: Materia
Color: Golden
Height: 9cm
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Shiva – This Brass Sculpture Depicts Shiva. He is the Third One in the Hindu Trinity of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Mahesh/Shiva (Destroyer). He is Seen Sitting with His Eyes Closed and Offering Blessings with His Right Hand. His Weapon, the Trident is Placed Behind Him and His Snake His Resting Around His Neck. The River Ganga is See Coming Out of His Hair At the Top. This is a Must Have for All the Devotees of Shiva

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