Bhagavad Gita - First Addition Unedited.

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Material: Paper
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As the title says Bhagwad Geeta – As it is this book is not the edited version but the original version of Geeta , after a lot of research i found the original Geeta and it was a delight reading this book……Now who should read this book :- The young – to learn how to live The old – to know how to die The ignorant – for wisdom The learned -for humility The rich – for compassion The poor – for comfort The dreamer – for enchanment The practical – for counsel The weak – for strength The strong – for direction The haughty – for warning The humble- for exoltation The troubled – for peace The weary – for rest The doubting – for assurace The sinner – for salvation The human – for guidance This book is one of the best self guides in the world which can change yur life if u are willing to change and want youself to be freed from all sorrows and distress…..this book will definately help u….. Thank you.. –Parth Trived

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