Bonded Bronze Hanuman Mini 9CM

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Size: S
Color: Antic
Material: Bronze
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This Beautiful Hanuman statue by Radha Store Vrindavan is ideal for pooja or gifting. Hands of lord Hanumanji are carved in blessing posture This artefact of Lord Hanuman depicts the deity in a sitting posture. This figurine of lord Hanuman is a must have as it bears the quality and detailing of one of the most reputed online dealer Radha Store. Some Tips:- According to texts in Hanumath Prakaranam East facing Anjaneya grants Ishta Siddhi. South facing Karala Ugraveera Narasimha grants Abhista Siddhi. West facing Mahaveera Garuda grants Sakala Soubhagya. North facing Lakshmi Varaha grants Dhana Prapthi. Urdhva Mukha being Hayagriva grants Sarva Vidya Jaya Prapthi. The idol is suitable for worshipping as well as home decoration and is given a glossy finish. Hanuman ji is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. He is the symbol of power, energy, strength and knowledge. And, an epitome of true devotion and brahmcharya (bachelorhood).

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