handicraft Wooden Down Trunk Elephant Statue -Firoja White Stone with Blue Stones Outline & Embossed Painted II Beautifully Designed II Temple Decor II Home Decor II Gift Showpieces

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Size: Large
Color: Black
Material: WOOD
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Radha Store  handicraft presents an attractive elephant set figurines Firoja multicolor Stone work and Embossed Painting Down Trunk with Teeth. An Elephant Symbolizes the Lord Ganesha to bring Home Strength, Good Luck, and Harmony in Family Bonds. Welcome Home the good luck by placing a statue elephant. Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans, ideal piece for home, office or gallery. India Reflects the diverse history and religion and its immense love for art and culture. Nice Decor handicraft piece for Home decoration, Office decoration , for car dashboard decoration. These Cute small elephant heavy look elephant statue are attractive and unique showpieces for your home. The Trunk downwards means a heartfelt welcome. This can be used to beautify your interiors or can be a good gifting option also.

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