Indian Traditional Colorful Musical Hand Brass Bell Pooja, Prayer, Indian Festivals & Christmas, Red

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Color: Golden
Material: Brass
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These ringing bells are like a message to the whole world of a new day that starts with a visit to the temple/God making the start of the day- the best one. It is often called as Pooja bell or Ghanti. Handheld bells are held in the left hand and rung continuously while the various other Puja items are offered to God with the right hand. It is considered that the ringing bells ward off an evil spirit and is pleasant to God. Brass Pooja Bell is perfect to your home temple/aarti session and will have everyone mesmerized. The charming sound of this brass hand bell will reach out your prayers to the God and fill the atmosphere with divine sound and live music to the aarti during any pooja/ceremony and also remove negative energy from your house/ office. Bring a shiny and beautifully crafted auspicious POOJA BELL made up of brass material, can be used for worship at home/temple/office, also an ideal gift for your loved ones. It ensures durability and is easy to clean. We believe that it is an innovative and a great way to start a day by offering prayers in your own comfort zone, and at the same time giving a newer look to that sacred place at your home. A ghanti is an Indian bell used in Hindu rituals. The bell is generally made out of brass. A clapper is attached to the inside and the bell makes a high-pitched sound when rung. Because the ghanti is believed to chase away asuras and summon the Devas (Gods), it is used in Hindu rituals puja. In a physical sense, bell ringing engages all senses and stimulates the inner ear. The moment bell rings, the mind is disengaged from thoughts and becomes more receptive.

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