Meditation Sound Bowl Musical Instrument For Stress Relief and Meditation Music

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Size: S
Color: Brown black
Material: Brass
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Singing Bowl is an amazing instrument to play and clean the negativities from a place. As in Hinduism we play shank. Shank disintegrates the negative energies from a place with sound vibrations. Singing Bowl is a Buddhist concept of disintegrating and cleaning the negative energies by sound waves. The main benefit of using a Neelam Ratna Singing Bowls is that it is very easy to play and handle. We should always rotate the striker – play the bowl clockwise. Neelam Ratna Singing Bowls amplifies any intention with which it is played. So we can use singing bowl to clean the place our homes, rooms, offices, shops from all kinds of negative energies and vibrations. We can charge the place with positive energies and much more. Use it regularly to experience its benefits.

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